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For 15 years, ELC has been offering solutions tailored to your needs and your industry. We offer a selection of equipment adapted to all the uses and constraints of your business. ELC is also the French manufacturer of the LUMAPHORE® balloon lighting system.

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Our range of professional flares

Are you looking for a simple, effective method of providing reliable lighting? Our range of construction lighting balloons assists many professionals in their day-to-day work, whether on a construction site, in an emergency, or for lighting filming locations. Explore our Lumaphore range of ergonomic, lightweight and easy-to-install flares. Lighting balloons such as the Lumaphore 300XL or 600XL offer powerful but non-blinding LED illumination that is shockproof (IK10), dustproof and splashproof (IP65).

Our safety lighting

For work in hazardous areas, or on construction sites, take a look at our wide range ofsafety lighting: illuminated balloons, ProLink range, lighting towers... Our ergonomically designed safety lighting gives you quality light in extreme circumstances.

ProLink dual site lights, for example, are ideal for use in tunnels. They can be linked to form an efficient lighting chain for your underground worksites. Explore our range of lighting towers too, such as the K65 and K45. These versatile towers let you direct powerful light with ease, thanks to their moving spotlights.

Our self-contained lighting systems

Many lighting solutions on the market require connection to the mains or to a generator. But in certain situations, this type of operation can prove unsuitable. That's why ELC France offers a range ofself-contained lighting solutions powered by high-performance batteries.

Our K9 floodlight, for example, is an ergonomic lighting solution that provides up to 8 hours of illumination at full power. Easy to use and transport, it can easily be adapted to a wide range of emergency situations: lighting in a cave, in the middle of a field, or in a building without electricity.

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