• Bouchemaine bridge illuminated by a K65


  • LUMAPHORE® XL new range

  • New Mobiles Lighting towers K65 et K45

  • Emergency road service

  • Equipping paving machine

  • Railway Maintenance

  • Pathway lighting with a LUMAPHORE® LED 1000XL

electric lighting concept


View the comprehensive range of ELC lighting solutions. Our clients often comment that they have to adapt how they work to fit the products available. Our lighting range gives you products that are adapted to meet your needs. Don’t hesitate to ask us for a demonstration of any of our equipment.


The main product ranges from ELC are illustrated here: Lumaphore® LED with the new XL range, HI, Lumaphore® CFL, masts, accessories, stand-alone LED lamps and low energy options


“Innovation arises from observation, not imitation”. This quotation from Daniel Rosselat defines the creative force behind any innovation. Creativity must meet the needs of the user in order to be recognised. ELC are pleased to show you our latest innovations, new equipment and accessories…


First there were lighting masts with their large structures and halogen bulbs. Then came inflatable equipment in the form of lighting balloons. The Lumaphore arrived on the market in 2007. Jean-Noël GEORGE had sold many lighting balloons and decided to design the ultimate lighting product, incorporating the qualities of mobility, robustness, low-energy, ease of assembly and resistance to high winds.
He worked with fire crews, the emergency services, the construction industry, among others, to devise a product that could offer the following :

  • Powerful and portable
  • IP65 / IK10
  • Immediate lighting and re-lighting, Handling when hot
  • Wind resistant
  • Multi-light sources to “guarantee” the illumination of the zone of operations
  • Robust to withstand the demands of the emergency services and difficult environments
  • Economic: little or no maintenance, with affordable spare parts
  • Ecological: low-energy and high quality products

After many tests, calculations and prototypes, the LUMAPHORE was created.


The LUMAPHORE® range provides effective illumination for areas from 400m2 to 6000m2. Thanks to the quality of the LED’s we use and to developments in our direct (driverless) AC modules, our LUMAPHORE ® boast one of the best ratios of Light Output to Power Consumption ratios (Lumens per watt).

Light-weight and space saving, the LUMAPHORE® range is easy and quick to set up. It is just as simple and quick to dismantle. There is no waiting to cool down before handling or storing.

The LUMAPHORE® can be used with power sources such as battery, convertor or generator.

Used in the most testing of environments

ELC lighting equipment is used in emergency situations and in difficult environments.
The quality of our materials and components and product finish create a total “package” with superior strength (IK10). LUMAPHORE® products are manufactured in our factory in Northern France and each one is tested before being dispatched to our customers.

The LUMAPHORE® has been tested in the wind tunnel at ONERA (French Aerospace lab) and can withstand winds of up to 162km/h.

Low energy products

With the LED range, the LUMAPHORE ® is even less power-intensive. The 400XL model uses only 385 watts for over 48,000 lumens. There is no start-up power peak, and it is easy to use a HONDA EU10i-type 1,000-watt generator to power two units.

Maintenance is minimal: you need only clean the filters in accordance with the conditions found at your various locations.

Protecting the environment is another strong commitment of ours. “Eco-responsible policies” cannot be empty word if we wish our children to inherit the Earth. A manufacturer of lighting equipment, which therefore produces "professional electrical and electronic equipment" as understood by Article R. 543-174 of the French Environmental Code, must fulfil its obligations to organize and finance the removal and processing of the professional Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE Pro) it markets.

As such, ELC has joined ESR (formerly Recylum). The recycling of electrical equipment makes it possible to preserve natural resources and avoid any risk of pollution. ELC finances ESR’s WEEE Pro recycling structure, which collects electrical lighting equipment – i.e. the LUMAPHORE ® range, as well as our LED spotlights – at no cost to consumers. We also work with SCRELEC for the batteries used in our spotlights.

Lighting solutions

ELC designs the Lumaphore® ranges and is an international manufacturer offering specialist and innovative lighting solutions.