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Discover our complete range of 360° area lighting. The LUMAPHORE® site lighting balloon is our flagship product. This light, efficient balloon will accompany you on all your intervention zones, whatever your activity. Do you have specific needs? ELC France can tailor your order to your needs: cable length, additional features... Contact us to find out more about our worksite lighting balloons!

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Construction site lighting : The LUMAPHORE® LED range

Do you need the best possible lighting for your construction site? Opt for LUMAPHORE® LED balloon site lighting, the ideal solution to ensure that all your projects are brightly lit, and that you can work in ideal conditions. Here's everything you need to know about balloon site lighting!

Choosing the right lighting balloon

Whether indoors or outdoors, the choice of lighting is an essential prerequisite for successful work and personal safety. Indeed, a construction site often involves the presence of machines to be handled, as well as elements at risk: rubble, uneven ground... Hence the importance of installing appropriate lighting systems that can adapt to the temporary nature of the work.

While the 2 main criteria are efficiency and reliability, other factors can also be taken into account when selecting your light sources, such as their impact on the environment, energy consumption, ease of installation and ability to adapt to different site configurations. Created by ELC France, the LUMAPHORE® site lighting balloon takes all these criteria into account to offer you an optimized lighting solution for your worksite.

All you need to know about the LUMAPHORE® LED construction lighting balloon

LUMAPHORE® LEDs are high-performance, efficient site lighting solutions for professionals in construction, industry, events and emergency services. They can be used to illuminate construction sites at night or during the day, when light levels are insufficient. Ultra-light, sturdy (IK10), mobile, weatherproof (IP65) and windproof (up to 162 km/h), LUMAPHORE® LED site lighting balloons are quick and easy to install, and light up immediately.

These versatile balloons offer low energy consumption and enable professionals to illuminate large areas at 360°. They are perfectly suited, for example, to night-time work on railways, civil engineering... and can also illuminate areas located at height, thanks to telescopic tripods and integrated carrying hooks. Finally, maintenance on this type of solution is minimal. You simply need to remember to clean the filters according to the conditions encountered on the various worksites.

LED technology offers many advantages

The LED technology used in these LUMAPHORE® site lighting balloons offers immediate ignition and restart at 100% power. LUMAPHORE® LED balloons are powered by mains outlets, but can also be connected to a battery or site generator if required.

Depending on the solutions chosen, the LUMAPHORE® range can effectively illuminate areas ranging from 400 m² to 6000 m². Thanks to the quality of the LEDs and developments made to direct AC modules (without drivers), LUMAPHORE® ELC France offers one of the best Light Output/Power Consumption ratios (Lumen per Watt) available on the market.

The different types of LUMAPHORE® LED construction lighting balloons from ELC France

ELC France manufactures and markets various types of LUMAPHORE® construction lighting balloons. Take a look, for example, at our LUMAPHORE® LED 1500XLG, LUMAPHORE® LED 600 PREMIUM and LUMAPHORE® LED 300XL models. Our construction lighting balloons are renowned for their reliability and high quality. Would you like advice on choosing your LUMAPHORE® LED balloon construction lighting? Don't hesitate to contact ELC France!

The advantages of a site lighting balloon

ELC France's illuminated balloons for construction sites have a lot going for them. Discover the many advantages of this cutting-edge technology: 360° homogeneous light, softness and working comfort.

Optimal lighting

The construction lighting balloon offers superior lighting quality to other light sources, such as floodlights. It illuminates 360° evenly and perfectly follows the contours of the environment. This guarantees not only high visual performance, but also greater comfort and safety.

What's more, an illuminated worksite balloon emits a soft light that's harmless to the eyes. Perfectly uniform, it doesn't dazzle those exposed to it, and it doesn't cast shadows on the ground, unlike a conventional spotlight. All this while illuminating very large surfaces, up to several thousand m².

Unparalleled working comfort

Easy to use and highly mobile,balloon site lighting considerably improves working conditions on a construction site, contributing to the comfort and good health of employees. Whether in a large area or a confined space, balloon site lighting provides optimum illumination, with no loss of efficiency. That's why they're becoming increasingly popular, especially with construction companies, convinced by their many advantages over conventional floodlights.

Maximum life span

What's more, our site lighting balloons are equipped with new-generation LED lamps, which last much longer than other existing technologies. This makes them a long-lasting solution, with very high autonomy and low energy consumption. Able to operate at very low voltage, this type of lamp reaches its maximum brightness level as soon as it is switched on.

Ultimately, the site lighting balloon offers numerous applications:
● Carry out night work under optimum conditions;
● Benefit from mobile lighting, which can be easily moved and adjusted;
● Provide additional lighting on existing installations.

Comfort, quality and performance are the watchwords of the illuminated worksite balloon, enabling you to significantly improve working conditions, while optimizing the organization and execution of your tasks.

How to use a site lighting balloon

As its name suggests, the site lighting balloon can be used on construction sites. Its high lighting power and ergonomic design give workers a clear view of their surroundings, whether at night or in a subway or train tunnel. But the worksite balloon can also be used in other contexts: for emergency workers, for example, operating in wilderness or rural environments.

Finally, it's not uncommon for the world of cinema, advertising and television to use this type of balloon for the reliable and interesting light it provides. For all these professions, the lightness, strength and ease of installation of site lighting balloons are a real plus. Contact ELC France to find out more about our site lighting balloons.