ELC’s latest product innovation was unveiled at the Executive Hire Show in Coventry, UK, on the stand of our Distributor, MORRIS SITE MACHINERY: the new model is the Lumaphore 400 L230. Using LED technology, it reinforces ELC’s leadership in close-range lighting solutions and our aim of continuous product development.  The key features are:    Powerful
The national Fire Service Congress, with our fire-fighter friends, gives us the opportunity to unveil all our new products. The first is the Lumaphore 288 W  24 volts AC/DC : a powerful 24 volt light The second is the K9-30 with Lithium-ion battery : even more powerful, yet even lighter. (8Kg against 12) and longer-lasting
The K8 is the smaller brother to the K9-30. It is a stand-alone, self-powered portable lamp, light enough to use as a temporary torch, with the latest LED technology. It offers all the benefits of the K9-30:Powerful, Adjustable, High performance, Strong, the K8 is easy to use. It it does not need special maintenance and

Lumaphores HI : an innovation from ELC

ELC are delighted to present new models in the Lumaphore range : the Lumaphore HI. Equipped with metal halide bulbs, they are available in two ranges, single and multi-bulb. The multi-bulb range has two HQI bulbs and halogen bulbs. The latter enable immediate re-illumination for safety on work sites. We have decided to use HQI/HTI bulbs

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