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Mobile lighting masts: efficient solutions for all your worksites!

Oct 3, 2023

Mobile lighting masts: efficient solutions for all your worksites!

🚧 To ensure safety and comfort in your workplace, even in the dark, it's essential to have a light source that meets your needs! For outdoor worksites, outdoor work areas or intervention zones, zone lighting is the ideal solution!

That's why ELC presents a complete and varied range of mobile lighting masts! Robust, versatile and easy to use. These products are as varied in their uses as they are in their capacities! With different sizes, power ratings and power sources, they can be used in all sectors, in all environments!

Equipped with LED spotlights, these lighting columns guarantee powerful, long-lasting and, above all, economical use! These panels generally last 50,000 hours, and consume up to 5x less energy than other bulbs of similar wattage.

Usually mains-powered (like the K45 lighting tower), some models can also be run on battery power for several hours at a time.

🛡️ In short, these lights are a compendium of power, versatility, reliability and energy savings!



💡 The K65 MK5 lighting tower: a mobile lighting tower, designed for construction sites.

The lighting tower K65 MK5 is innovative in both its compactness and mobility: it can be taken anywhere with you, and can be set up anywhere in just 3 minutes, despite its large size once deployed. It can be fitted with 3, 4 or 6 removable and adjustable LED spotlights, and delivers a power output of 97,000, 146,000 or 195,000 Lumens!

Thanks to its integrated pneumatic wheels, it is easy to transport and can be completely folded in on itself. A relatively simple piece of equipment to operate, since its mast deploys and folds electrically in just a few seconds.

💡 The K45 LITE lighting tower: compact, practical, ergonomic!

Particularly popular with emergency services, the K45 LITE lighting tower is a powerful, practical and lightweight solution! Thanks to its design and ease of use, this lighting tower can be set up in just 3 minutes.

Its 6 spotlights can be rotated 360° and dimmed from 1 to 100%, and can be adjusted up to a height of 4 meters using a telescopic mast .

650W are required to power this lighting system, which delivers 83,000 Lumens, to be connected to a mains socket or generator.

Supplied with ballast bags for added stability, plus a carry bag for its LED panels.


The main advantage of using a lighting mast to illuminate your worksite lies in its practicality! In fact, these are very powerful solutions, but relatively easy to set up!

The ELC range includes this type of product, as well as powerful zone lighting (such as LUMAPHORE®), which completes the functions of a lighting column.

If you're looking for a mobile lighting solution for your business, ELC is the ideal partner. Visit our website or contact us for more information.

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