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Flight-Case for LUMAPHORE® LED

Product image Flight-Case for LUMAPHORE® LED
Product image Flight-Case for LUMAPHORE® LED





LUMAPHORE® CFL and LED Flight Case

The flight-case is suitable for all the lights of the LUMAPHORE® range.
In standard version all our LUMAPHORE® are sold with the flight-case.
It completely protects your future LUMAPHORE® from all the shocks it could receive among other tools and materials. It allows you to handle the product without any trouble until the intervention zone.


The flight case is an important element to guarantee the longest and best use of your lighting system. It prevents from bad storage, accidental shocks, bad weather thanks to its robust design. No more misplaced tools will be able to reach your faithful lighting system.
It is perfectly suited for the LUMAPHORE® range of lighting systems such as LUMAPHORE® 600XL, LUMAPHORE® 300XL, LUMAPHORE® 1500XLG... At ELC, we make sure that your equipment is not only the best performing, but also the most durable over time. This is why the choice of materials used is an essential part of our thinking.
Benefit from the best protection for your site lighting.
Thanks to this flight case, you can easily handle and transport your lighting to the intervention area. Save time and allow an optimal use.